What Are the Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Networks?

Promoting multiple products and dealing with a bunch of different merchants can be a headache for the average affiliate marketer. Fortunately, quite a few affiliate networks can help you earn passive income in a much more streamlined and straightforward fashion. So, stick around to learn about these networks.

1. ShareASale

ShareASale is home to numerous affiliate programs from over 4,500 merchants, which makes it one of the most popular affiliate networks available, if not the most popular.

With ShareASale, you can sign up to as many merchants as you want and generate as many affiliate links as you want from a single dashboard. You can even view your affiliate statistics from that same dashboard. However, keep in mind that applying to merchants and getting approved by merchants takes place on an individual basis.

Whether you’re looking to promote physical or digital products, ShareASale is right up your alley. From hosting services and WordPress themes to big-name merchants like Reebok, Sun Basket, and NFL Shop, ShareASale has it all.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates isn’t really an affiliate marketing network; it’s an affiliate marketing program. Nevertheless, since Amazon has one of the largest product selections out of all e-commerce platforms, Amazon Associates can be viewed as a network.

To become an Amazon Associate, you’ll have to go through an application review process. And you can get through this phase by making at least three sales throughout your first 180 days. You must also have enough original content on your site—at least 10 posts.

Finally, note that you don’t need to have a website to promote Amazon products. Instead, you can promote them on social media networks, mobile apps, or other platforms with enough engagement.

3. ClickBank

ClickBank is a vast marketplace that enables affiliate marketers of different experience levels to find and promote products across various niches. How huge is it? We’re talking around six million unique products!

Furthermore, ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate networks because it’s home to products that have commission rates as high as 75%. Obviously, the competition there is steep, so make sure you have a solid strategy.

4. Awin (Affiliate Window)

Awin, formerly known as Affiliate Windows, has more than 13,000 merchants from different niches. And for your information, ShareASale is acquired by Awin, but the two platforms run independently.

Additionally, some of the big-name merchants you’ll find on Awin include AliExpress, HP, Under Armour, Etsy, Gymshark, HP, and StubHub. Also, keep in mind that many of Awin’s merchants are based in Europe, seeing as the platform was founded in Germany.

Final Thoughts

There may be other affiliate marketing networks out there that are worthwhile, but we assure you that ShareASale, Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and Awin are the cream of the crop. That’s evident in their numerous merchants, diverse product selections, and commission rates.

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